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Surgery for Nose

There are two main types of surgery for nose, which are:
  • Plastic or cosmetic nose surgery, also known as elective surgery, whereby a patient chooses to reshape their nose because they are unhappy with the overall appearance of it.
  • Reconstructive nose surgery which is performed to help with medical conditions that afflict the nose and nasal passages, including the sinuses.

Cosmetic Surgery for Nose

Cosmetic surgery for nose is also known as rhinoplasty or a nose job.  It is one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery and is no longer reserved for just the rich and famous.  Through cosmetic surgery, it is possible to make the nose bigger or smaller and wider or narrower.  It is also possible to change the tip of the nose or the width and appearance of the nostrils.

Reconstructive Surgery for Nose

Reconstructive surgery for nose is usually performed on people who were born with a nasal defect, such as a cleft palate, or for those who have nasal issues later in life, for example due to an accident, fire, a break or nose polyps.  With this type of surgery for nose, a plastic surgeon will first assess what the patient’s needs are and how these best can be met through surgical procedures.  However, surgery is in this case always seen as a last resort option, and alternative therapies including medicines and complimentary therapy will be explored first.

The Procedure during Surgery for Nose

Whether you are having cosmetic or reconstructive surgery for nose, the procedure itself will vary.  In order to minimise scarring, a surgeon will always try to make any incisions on the inside of the nose rather than the outside.  This is where the similarities end, however.  With cosmetic surgery, the skin will generally be lifted from the nose bone, and the nose will then be reshaped.  This will often involve breaking the nose and resetting it in a more pleasing form.  With reconstructive surgery for nose, this is also possible, but generally other medical instruments will be used to identify where the problems lie and what the best procedure is to resolve it.

Costs of Surgery for Nose

Generally, reconstructive surgery for nose is available on the NHS.  However, in the current climate of government cut backs, it is always advisable to first check with your local Primary Care Trust as to whether the surgery you require is available on the NHS.  Cosmetic surgery is seen as elective, i.e. not necessary but just by choice, and is hence not available on the NHS.  In the United Kingdom, cosmetic nose surgery costs between £3,000 and £4,000 and many people choose to go abroad instead where it is generally cheaper.

Surgery for the nose, as you can see, is very broad and can encompass a range of different things, including cosmetic surgery or surgery that is necessary for medical reasons.  In both cases, being aware of what the process will entail and what the pre and post operative care is, is incredibly important and you should take some time to do your research.

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Surgery for Nose

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