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Nose surgery in the UK

What are your options?

Rhinoplasty, in other words - nose surgery, nowadays is quite popular with people who don't like the shape or maybe the size of their own nose. This article will be about nose surgery in UK as the title may suggest. For nose being such a visible part of one's body, it could well be really the most prominent hallmark also of your face.

As for nose surgery in UK, doctors use nose surgery for two different reasons - one would be purely for appearance and the other one is simply functional (for breathing). Nose surgery in UK often is both related to changing the facade of one's face as well as the insides.

Usual reasons for nose surgery in UK are: Patient wanting to change the size, get rid of a Bump, making the nose more narrow, changing the projection, Crooked nose is being corrected, tip that is hanging or drooping, and getting rid of any obstructions in the breathing canal.

Reasons to perform nose surgery in UK could be inborn, risen as the result of birth process or resulting from different traumas.

Often the patients wishing for nose surgery in UK worry that their nose looks too large for their face. Chin as well as the nose both are quite important in their roles as the balancing elements for the profile, often times it is affecting the way the patient looks. A little, sloping or flattened chin is often times a big factor in patient's complaints about a "non-appealing profile". That said, when the nose consultation is given, often times there is discussion going on also about a possible chin operation, because this is what is often done at the time of nose surgery.

Before the procedure of nose surgery in UK, doctors lead talks with the patient about the treatment plan. The goal of the nasal operation is different for different people as the perfect model nose could be different for every individual based on the skin type, ethnicity, shape of the face etc. After the procedure, the nose should look quite natural.

Never it should look like it is operated on. This procedure can be made when somebody is out of their mid-teens, after the end of the accelerated growing phase.

You can get rid of the nose deffects by way of changing the shape of bones/cartilage, adding, removing or rearranging them. The nose operation can be carried out using a closed technique, meaning that the cutting is done only on the inside. Closed surgery is made using even more minor procedures for rhinoplasty, for example, getting rid of a hump or making the nasal bridge more narrow.

For procedures that are more extensive, usually the open incisions are made, where the cuts go accross columella (the cartilage between nostrils) that is then connected to the incisions inside the nose. Some of the doctors hold it that with this type of procedure the exposure as well as precision of the work is best which also means that the results can be predicted much better.

And the scar is almost invisible. Sometimes it is recommended to make the nostrils more narrow, usually that leaves scars that aren't very visible either.

The amount of work being done on your nosewhen performing nose surgery in UK will be dependent on the structure of the nose and skin and also on the surgical plan being used. Usually surgeons the goal is not making a new nose, but rather making your old one look and perform better.

These operations are carried out in outpatient facilities. Nose surgery in UK is performed by using local anesthaetics along with I.V. sedation, can be done also under general anesthesia. Usually is over in two to three hours time. After the operation usually a nasal splint results along with stitches and packaging the nose. Nasal packing is gone after 5 to 7 days. The splint after 2 to 4. Internal sutures dissolve without being touched and the external, in case they are being used, wil get removed in 5 - 7 days time. It is also a common thing to get swells and bruises around eyes, cheeks and nose. This effect will wear off generally after one or two weeks.

After the nasal surgery, the largest part of the swells disappear after several weeks; but be aware that it could take up to 12 months for all the effects to disappear completely. Numbness could stay for even several months and for the breathing function to become optimal can take several weeks to several months after the operation. The patients most commonly refer to the discomfort rather than pain.

Majority of patients are up and running in two day's time and go to work or school in 7-10 days. Then for 4-6 weeks usually any kind of over-exertion is not recommended. After the nose surgery in UK makes your nose look really better.

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