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Plastic Surgery for the Nose

Rhinoplasty, or plastic surgery for the nose, is incredibly common.  In fact, next to Botox, it is the most popular cosmetic procedure that exists.  As different people have different noses, there are different surgical procedures available on the nose.  The two main types of plastic surgery for the nose are:
  • Open technique
  • Closed technique
It is also possible for a patient to require surgery on the nose for medical purposes, in which case both techniques can be used.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery for the Nose

Reconstructive plastic surgery is used when a person’s nose has been deformed due to an accident – for example a fire or car accident – or birth defect.  It can also be used to restore the sense of smell.  The birth defects that most commonly requires reconstructive plastic surgery for the nose is a cleft pallet.  In case of accidental damage to the nose, particularly if the nose has been broken, people can experience a great loss of self esteem due to the new shape of their nose.  In this case, the reconstructive nose surgery is more cosmetic, but still necessary and hence at times available on the NHS.

Other Types of Plastic Surgery for the Nose

Rhinoplasty from a cosmetic perspective is most commonly used to change the tip of the nose.  Many people would prefer a small, fine and smooth nose tip.  This kind of surgery is very straight forward and generally performed on an outpatient basis, meaning you can go home the same day.  It is also possible for people to want the bridge of their nose changing which can also assist in improving the breathing and smelling functions of the nose, and reduce snoring.  The bridge of the nose can be made thinner or thicker and smaller or larger.

Another common request for plastic surgery for the nose is from people who have humps, bumps or depressions on their noses, which can be shaved off or filled to give a smoother appearance.  Lastly, it is common for people to request a change in the shape of their nostrils, by removing some of the cartilage in these areas.

Will Plastic Surgery for the Nose Hurt?

Following plastic surgery for the nose, you are likely to experience significant swelling and bruising and some degrees of pain.  However, this is easily managed with painkillers and anti inflammatory medication, which will generally be prescribed by your plastic surgeon.  No surgery is completely painless, of course, but they do say that you need to suffer to be beautiful!

As you can see, plastic surgery for the nose is incredibly popular for people in all walks of life.  It is a reasonably straight forward procedure that only takes around one to two hours to complete, meaning no lengthy hospitalisation is necessary.  With a few simple steps before actually going under the knife, plastic surgery for the nose is the solution for many people to finally have a nose that they are happy and comfortable with, increasing their confidence and self esteem.  However, people are warned that plastic surgery for the nose is not a magic cure for low confidence, and there is no such thing as a perfect nose.

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Plastic Surgery for the Nose

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