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Non-surgical nose surgery

Injectibles and Nose surgerys

Few have "the perfect" nose as experts would define it. It may be crooked, contain a bump, or have a bridge that is too big or too high. Majority of people know about the flaws of their own noses. But now the time has come when you can have a non-surgical nose surgery performed!

Even though the majority of people are not really OK with their noses, many are not ready to take the plunge in getting a nose surgery, whether it would be a major one which is also expensive or just a more minor operation like correcting smaller flaws. When the flaws are smaller, there is a way outside of the operation. How do you perform a non-surgical nose surgery?. In such cases a non-surgical nose surgery can be carried out using injectables (Botox is a good example) as well as dermal fillers.

Injectables will not solve all the problems, but in many cases Botox or dermal fillers will serve as a good means of performing a non-surgical nose surgery. Some cases contain such issues as a nose-tip that is too prominent, wide and low bridge, "ski-slope", and a nose with a bump. In those cases the nose shouldn't be overly large as injectibles do serve to correct and smooth the nose, but they do this by way of increasing the size of the nose. These procedures are called sometimes "non-surgical" nose surgery.

A nasal tip that is too prominent when it sticks out too far or is located too high making the nose the object of everyone's attention. It's corrected easily with Botox. Those additional tasks are called sometimes non-surgical nose surgery. That reduces the pull from the muscle, makes it drop lower and be less noticeable. The effect will stay there for 4-6 months.

Low and wide bridges for many African-Americans and Asians are an inborn trait. Wide and low bridges also could result from a badly done nose surgery. Low bridge makes eyes look too far apart when looking from the front. It also makes the bridge look unproportional to the other parts of the face, looking like they are too bottom-heavy or just too short. A non-surgical nose surgery would be a great solution to this.

The bridge seems like it is too close to the face when looking from the side. When there is a low/wide bridge, attention is distracted from the eyes and put more towards the nose. This is the case where injectibles could come in handy. A dermal filler can be injected to make the nose look higher. These results will stay in effect for 1-2 years. Non-surgical nose surgery is increasing in popularity as an alternative to surgery.

Ski-slope would be a combination of low-bridge and up-turned lip. In this case it looks just like it sounds: like a skiing slope. Could be there from the birth or maybe after a badly done nose job. Dermal fillers fill up the parts of the nose that are depressed. The type of the fillers used also will affect the length of the time this effect will be lasting. Non-surgical nose surgery is a good solution to this problem.

Many have a nose with a bump meaning there is not a smooth decline. A part of the bridge may be higher as a result of the cartilage being dispersed unevenly. This is easily fixed with dermal fillers by filling in the depressions around the bump. This is called non-surgical nose surgery in other words.

If there is a permanent solution wished for by the patient, but he/she is not sure about the corrected looks of the nose, the solution might be a non-surgical nose surgery, as injectables are good as a trial procedure. Before making any important decisions, the patients always should seek counsel with a professional though.

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