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Male Nose Surgery

Nose surgery, or rhinoplasty, is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures available.  Whereas cosmetic surgery once upon a time was reserved for women, men are now also turning to an array of procedures to enhance their physical appearance.  Male nose surgery is hence becoming more and more popular.  With male nose surgery, it is important to use a surgeon that has experience in this field, as the male nose contour is very different to that of women.

Male Nose Surgery for a More Masculine Nose

Men are in general more interested in the shape of their nose and less interested in the size.  This is why it can frustrate men to a great extent if they have an oddly shaped nose, for example due to:
  • A bulbous tip
  • A deviated septum
  • A crooked nose
  • A humped or depressed nose
All of these problems can be solved with male nose surgery.  A plastic surgeon will take into consideration the structure of the nose as well as the bone density before advising on how much can be achieved through rhinoplasty.

Corrective Male Nose Surgery

Corrective male nose surgery is done on patients who have flaws on their nose that cause them to have issues with breathing and/or nasal congestion.  Generally, such male nose surgery focuses in the main on rectifying those problems, and the shape of the nose may be altered but only to make breathing and nasal function easier. 

This type of surgery can also greatly assist in reducing snoring, which can be an embarrassing condition for many men, who often don’t realise it is because they have nasal deformities.  Generally, this type of surgery will be advised by a medical professional, who will refer a patient to a plastic surgeon and the procedure is generally done free of charge on the NHS.

Aesthetic Male Nose Surgery

Aesthetic male nose surgery is performed as a cosmetic procedure only.  This is available for men who are unhappy with the overall shape and appearance of their nose and will correct flaws such as the ones described above.  A few years ago, this was still classed as extreme vanity on the part of men, but it has now become far more socially acceptable for men to also take great pride in their appearance; a fact that is further demonstrated by the amount of cosmetic products available on the market for men, including foundations and moisturisers. 

It should be clear from the above that men are just as interested as women in cosmetic surgery and male nose surgery has become increasingly popular in recent years.  It is important when thinking about male nose surgery, however, to only enlist the services of a plastic surgeon who has been trained and is experienced in performing plastic surgery on male faces, as their bone structure is very different to that of women.  Cosmetic surgery, whether it is on the nose or any other body part, should always take into consideration the ethnicity and the gender of the patient.

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Male Nose Surgery

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