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After nose Surgery

What You Get After Nose Surgery

Like most facial surgery procedures, there are changes you have to expect after nose surgery or a rhinoplasty is done. The nose is at the center of your face, making it somewhat the center of attraction and it concerns you of the outcome after nose surgery. Apart from how it will affect your over-all image, there is also the recovery process which you have to be prepared for.

After nose surgery, you can expect to have it dressed with tapes and a splint that protects and covers the whole area, leaving only the nostrils for breathing purposes. Such dressing prevents further swelling. It also helps the skin to stick back faster to the cartilage and bone structures so expect faster healing after a week or two from the discomfort and unsightly image of the dressing.

Although the dressing can be removed after seven days or so, there will still be some visible signs of the procedure for a few months thereafter. Although the swelling will not be prominent a few weeks after nose surgery, it will be completely gone and reveals a better looking nose.

As for the bruising, it all depends on what parts of the nose have been affected during the procedure. A complete rhinoplasty consists of reshaping the bones and cartilage, hence, after nose surgery, you can expect the bruising to heal much slower. Apart from this, there will also be bruising below the eyes area which results from the cutting and narrowing of the bones in the nose. These bruises can be visible for as long as two weeks. While procedures without bone cutting renders no or very minor bruising that can be visible after nose surgery.

You can expect as well that after nose surgery, there will be some numbness in the nose area particularly on the nose tip. This is because the skin is raised to the tip, thus cutting tiny nerves. Such procedure causes numbness that could last for a few months, but will eventually subside in three to six months after nose surgery.

Also, most patients who have undergone rhinoplasty report stiffness in their nose tip after nose surgery. This should not cause for alarm as the numbness and stiffness are expected after such procedure and are normal after effects. After all, the nose tip is not only reshaped, it also is strengthened by means of grafting and sutures. Such method would naturally make the nose stiff and provide minor discomfort. But it can all be attributed to the new state of your nose and there is no cause for concern. Months after nose surgery, the stiffness will be completely gone and you will have the desired outcome you expected.

For some procedures requiring septoplasty or turbinate reductions, it is also normal to find it difficult to breath after nose surgery. The blood clots in the nose would understandably affect breathing for several weeks, but will gradually improve over time. But the rhinoplasty procedures which is done solely on the visible nose areas do not render breathing impairments, and after nose surgery, you can breath normally even with the dressing, swelling and slight discomfort.

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