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Fixing your nose - Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is something that is made to fix somebody's nose, if it comes in with conditions such as sleep apnea, deviated septum or maybe not being happy with the appearance.

This is the most common plastic operation in US, just after liposuction. It enhances the shape of the nose and makes it more balanced with the patient's face. Rhinoplasty may make a patients face look better at times.

Being the most central element of people's face, it is quite prominent; therefore just a little amount of change caused by rhinoplasty will create a huge effect on the looks. Something like a nose operation therefore will install also a new level of confidence in the person as a result of their newfound satisfaction.

Rhinoplasty is a great solution for people who deem their nose to be overly large or wrongly shaped or they just probably want to correct a broken nose. A nose procedure such as a nose operation will also fix a deviated septum, which implies the nostrils are not being the same size.

Rhinoplasty for functionality

Obstructions in the breathing channel could result from different causes. Turbinates sets in if sinus tissue is larger than normal and has to be treated in order to decrease the size to reach a normal level. Rhinoplasty as well as other medical solutions exist also for those who have nasal channels which are larger than is considered normal.

Septoplasty Is used for treating deviated septum in cases with breathing difficulties.

With time passing there could arise different nasal or breathing problems. Even with adults the nose can grow larger or maybe the cartilage and the connective tissue slopes down and caves in, making an obstruction to the nasal channel. In these cases the usual solution may be a nose operation.

The nose operation procedure

Rhinoplasty is a major plastic treatment and requires general anesthesia.Cutting is done on the inside of the nose either between nostrils in order to lift the skin and correct the cartilage properly. Cartilage will then be re-shaped or removed.

In cases where in there is not enough of the cartilage for shaping the nose as wanted, then additional grafts of cartilage may be needed to treat the patient. For additional support, septum supports or splints are used for a short period. Incision can be closed using stiches in order to reduce the resulting scar. Turbinates can be treated either at the time of rhinoplasty or at a different time, depending on what is needed by the patient.

Recuperation after the procedure

After doing the rhinoplasty procedure inside and outside of the nose, it contains supports and splints that were being used for procedure. Serious swelling is to be expected as well as painful bruises.

Patients are to be told to lift the head so the fluid matter goes downwards and then rest fully. Patients can go to school or work after 2-3 days after rhinoplasty, they are also being instructed to restrain the physical activity.

Swells and bruises are staying for a couple more weeks. Bandaging is removed after a week, and several weeks to several months will be needed in order for the nose to take the final shape after the operation.

Something truly important to remember is the huge effect a nose procedure will leave on somebody's outside facade. As it takes time for the effects to set in fully after the operation, some of the patients are depressed/unsatisfied about the results of the operation.

It could be made even worse with bad comments coming from the closest people like family and friends. Some will tell you their opinions about why you didn't have to do the operation to start with. But usually, the net result is satisfaction after the rhinoplasty that is performed properly.

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