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Men Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures on the market today.  Plastic surgery was, several years ago, reserved only for women.  Not because it was not possible to perform plastic surgery on men, but because it was simply not the done thing.  Nowadays, however, men no longer feel that having men nose surgery or any other type of cosmetic procedure is a sign of vanity.  It is becoming far more acceptable for men to take greater care in their appearance, demonstrated for example by the amount of cosmetic products that are on the market for men today.

What Is Men Nose Surgery?

Men nose surgery, or male rhinoplasty, is a procedure that is not available on the NHS, unless it has to be completed for medical reasons.  However, in this case, the surgery will be to improve nasal functions and not to make cosmetic alterations. 

If you are looking at cosmetic men nose surgery, you will need to do a number of things beforehand:
  • You will be required to have a full health assessment from your doctor
  • You will need to be in good physical shape in order to undergo the surgery, as you are most likely going to be placed under general anaesthetic.
  • A plastic surgeon will work with you on creating a 3D image of what your face will look like after the surgery.
Men nose surgery can generally only be performed on men who are over 15, as the nose is still growing rapidly before that and the result would therefore be unpredictable.  Patients are also always strongly advised to think very carefully before agreeing to any form of surgery and to understand the likely outcome of the surgery but also the risk and complications that can be involved.  Reversal of men nose surgery is very complicated and costly.

Men Nose Surgery Procedure

If you have decided to go for men nose surgery, you will be given a date for your procedure to take place.  You will be made very comfortable and the procedure will once again be discussed with you, before anaesthetic is administered.  Although it is possible to perform male nose surgery under local anaesthetic, it is more common for this to be done under general anaesthetic. 

A plastic surgeon will then use a range of tools to change the shape of the bone and cartilage, thereby shaping the new nose.  The entire procedure generally takes around two hours and is performed on an outpatient basis, meaning that you can go home on the same day the men nose surgery is performed.

After Men Nose Surgery

Men nose surgery generally takes several weeks to heal and you are likely to experience significant swelling and bruising, for which you may be prescribed medication.  You will then have to return to your consultant to ensure the healing process is taking place right.

As you can see, men nose surgery is becoming increasingly common as men start to understand that they have as much right to an aesthetically pleasing face as women.

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Men Nose Surgery

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