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Nose Surgery Gone Wrong

Nose surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures.  With so many people, both celebrities and regular people, opting for nose surgery, it is unsurprising that accidents do sometimes happen.  When this happens with celebrities, it is something that is discussed over and over again and used as an example of society’s obsession with perfection, which is completely unattainable.

The Jennifer Grey Story

Jennifer Grey became famous for her part as Baby in Dirty Dancing.  She was endearing and lovable, mainly because her nose was so imperfect.  When her star shot to fame, Jennifer decided that it was time to have her crooked nose sorted out and opted for nose surgery to have it straightened.  The results were devastating: some of her closest friends were not able to recognise her, and her rising star quickly became a falling star.  It is believed that, although Jennifer’s nose was very crooked, it made her who she was.  She later stated herself that having nose surgery was a terrible mistake. 

Similar situations have happened since, and it is now commonly referred to as the “Jennifer Grey Syndrome”.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is a perfect example of nose surgery gone horribly, horribly wrong.  Although we will never know whether or not it is true that his nose was in essence non-existent and simply prosthetic, because it had completely caved in from surgery upon surgery, it is clear that Michael Jackson took plastic surgery and nose jobs to a whole new level.  It is believed that he had over seven series of nose surgery, making his nose thinner and pointier every time.

What Causes Nose Surgery Gone Wrong?

There are a number of reasons as to why nose surgery goes wrong:
  • Incompetence of a plastic surgeon - although this is very rare nose surgery gone wrong can be due to the surgery itself, possibly leaving the patient with scarring and deformities.
  • Unrealistic expectations of the patient, requesting a nose that does not suit their face.
  • A different type of incompetence on the part of the plastic surgeon - to avoid nose surgery gone wrong, a plastic surgeon should always be honest about what the results of nose surgery are likely to be.  Someone of Asian ethnicity requesting a Caucasian nose, for example, should be told that this will not look right.  This does not mean that a plastic surgeon should turn work away, as they can offer alternatives instead.
Nose surgery gone wrong, particularly in celebrities, is cause for great hilarity among the general public.  On a personal level, however, there is really nothing funny about it.  The nose is the most visible part of the face, and if something goes wrong with that part, everybody will notice, potentially causing severe emotional damage on the part of the patient, who can become depressed and lose a lot of self confidence.  Although they have made the decision to opt for nose surgery, nose surgery gone wrong is as much the fault of the plastic surgeon as the patient as they should refuse to do the surgery, offering alternatives instead.

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Nose Surgery Gone Wrong

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