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How to Straighten Nose without Surgery

Having a crooked or less than perfectly straight nose can cause people untold problems, including low self esteem and depression.  The nose is generally the first facial feature people notice, and this is one of the reasons why rhinoplasty – or nose surgery – is so popular.  However, although prices have come down, it is still quite expensive and many people simply do not have the means to pay for this type of surgery.

The 15 Minute Nose Job

Luckily for those people that are not able to afford surgical rhinoplasty, the 15 minute nose job is now available.  This procedure is not only applicable for those who don’t have the financial means of paying for rhinoplasty, but also for those who want to retain a more natural appearance of the nose as they age.  This is because a surgically enhanced nose will retain that specific shape throughout a person’s life.  The 15 minute nose job, however, lasts for around six to twelve months and needs to be repeated, meaning that the nose will always be shaped in such a way that is most fitting to the face as it is at that point of time.

Benefits of Straightening Nose without Surgery

There are many benefits to the procedure involved in how to straighten nose without surgery.  Some of these include:
  • The ability to continuously reshape the nose, as described above
  • Affordability – the cost is around one tenth of rhinoplasty surgery
  • Safety – the procedure is done whilst the patient remains fully awake and they can even watch the procedure using a mirror
  • Little to no recovery time – there will be no swelling or bruising, although it is generally advised to not wear sunglasses or heavy framed glasses for a few days after the procedure to stop the filler from denting

Where to Go?

Now that you know how to straighten nose without surgery, it may also be useful to know where to go for such procedures.  It is possible to have this procedure performed abroad, Slovenia and Poland seem to be particularly popular, but there are also many clinics in the United Kingdom where it is possible to have this procedure done.  Some of these clinics include:
  • The Kinghtsbridge Laser Clinic, where consultants Dr Raina Zarb Adami and Dr Salinda Johnson are the two specially trained surgeons in this field.  This clinic is based on Brompton Road in London.
  • The Body Perfect Clinic, a Harley Street clinic in London from where Dr Choudhuri and Dr Jabbar offer non surgical nose shaping.  These are some of the best surgical experts in the UK and they also provide training for other surgeons.
  • London Bridge Plastic Surgery, based in London and offering a very transparent service for all their procedures.
As you can see, if you feel your nose is not straight enough, you now know how to straighten nose without surgery.  This procedure is safe and affordable and can be performed in a variety of clinics.  One thing to always bear in mind, however, is that there is no such thing as a perfect nose.

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How to Straighten Nose without Surgery

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