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Nose Surgery Before and After

Nose surgery is one of the most common cosmetic procedures available on the market.  Of course, it is also possible to have nose surgery for medical reasons, or a combination of both.  If you are looking at cosmetic nose surgery, a consultant will use nose surgery before and after photographs, to give you a visual representation of what your nose would look like following surgery.  This can be very important for two reasons:
  • It is very difficult to truly imagine what you will look like with a new nose.
  • People regularly have unrealistic expectations of what nose would suit them, and nose surgery before and after pictures will be able to demonstrate that a certain nose may not be suitable.

The Process of Digital Imaging

Generally, nose surgery before and after pictures are produced with a specific kind of software onto which an image of the face of the patient can be uploaded.  A consultant will generally take three photographs: a profile picture from the right, a full frontal picture and a profile picture from the left.  These photographs can then be manipulated to show what the end result would be following the wishes of the patient, but also to show what would perhaps look better.  A plastic surgeon will generally give clear information about why certain things will and will not look good, also taking into consideration the ethnicity of the patient.

Benefits of Nose Surgery Before and After Pictures

The main benefit of nose surgery before and after pictures is that you will have peace of mind and know what your face will look like after surgery.  It is sometimes possible to take printouts of the pictures home, before making a final decision on whether or not you would like the results.  This can be very useful, as there have been quite a number of high profile cases of people opting for nose surgery and being incredibly unhappy with the results, regretting their decision – even if they may look more aesthetically beautiful.  The nose is the most visible feature of the face, and you will have become used to your nose as it is for many years, even if it is somewhat imperfect.

A Word of Warning

Nose surgery before and after picture software is not an exact science, and the overall results may be slightly different from the picture that has been shown to the patient during consultation.  It is important to remember this, as you may have unrealistic expectations and end up very disappointed.  The images are there only to give you some guidance and ideas about what you will look like.  Of course, the software isn’t a stab in the dark either and is far more accurate than verbal descriptions or hand drawn images.

Nose surgery before and after software is incredibly important to allow patients to make an informed decision about whether or not they want to proceed with surgery.  There are many examples of surgery that went too far, which is as much the patient’s fault for wanting it, as the surgeon’s fault for allowing it, but using the software can reduce the likelihood of this happening.

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Nose Surgery Before and After

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