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Nose Plastic Surgery

Nose plastic surgery is medically referred to as rhinoplasty and in popular culture as a nose job.  It is one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery, mainly because the first noticeable feature on a face is the nose and many people are very unhappy with the size and shape of theirs. 

Reasons for Nose Plastic Surgery

The main reasons to opt for nose plastic surgery include:
  • Cosmetic reasons – people dream of having a nose that is shaped differently such as straighter, longer, shorter or narrower.  This type of surgery has to be financed privately.
  • Medical reasons – it is possible to have medical reasons to require nose plastic surgery, for example in people who have reduced nasal functions or suffer from chronic congestion.  It is also possible that extensive damage has occurred to the nose due to a birth defect, burn wounds or an accident.  This type of surgery is not considered cosmetic and will often be offered to patients on the NHS.

Types of Nose Plastic Surgery

There are two types of nose plastic surgery that actually involve physical surgery, as it is now also possible to opt for non surgical nose jobs, which have less permanent effects.  The first type of nose plastic surgery is known as closed nose surgery, in as such that the incision will be made on the inside of your nose, without touching the outside, thereby minimising the risk of scarring.  If the damage to the nose is very severe, however, a surgeon will have to make an incision at the crease of the nose, where it touches the face, by using external plastic surgery.  Although the risk of scarring is greater, plastic surgeons are very competent and will do all they can to reduce the likelihood of scarring occurring following nose plastic surgery.

After Nose Plastic Surgery

Nose plastic surgery carries quite a long recovery time with it, during which point you are likely to experience significant levels of pain and a lot of bruising and swelling.  Sometimes, plastic surgeons will offer you medication as part of your aftercare programme that reduces the appearance of swelling and bruising.  The aftercare package should also include further visits to the surgeon, who will be able to check whether the healing process is going well.  This is one of the main reasons why people are strongly discouraged from seeking nose plastic surgery – or other cosmetic procedures for that matter – abroad, as although the cost may be lower, there will be very little post operative care, due to it being unlikely that a patient will remain in the foreign country for extended periods of time.

Nose plastic surgery is incredibly common and there are many plastic surgeons who specialise specifically in this area of reconstructive surgery.  Prices will in general reflect the quality of the surgeon.  Clinics based in expensive locations, such as Harley Street in London, will be far more expensive, as will prices for more experienced surgeons.  However, considering the operation will be carried out on such a prominent feature as your nose, it may be worth opting for a higher price and hence higher quality.

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Nose Plastic Surgery

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