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Nose job Surgery

Knowing More About Nose Job Surgery Risks and Complications

Like in any medical procedure, a nose job surgery comes with risks and complications. That is why it is important to know ahead all these, and consult your doctor before undergoing such treatment or cosmetic option. Though a nose job surgery would be greatly helpful for those who have septum problems, inborn deformities and defects, it is wise to first understand the procedure.

Otherwise known as rhinoplasty, a nose job surgery has been noted to have the largest incidence of post-operation alterations among all cosmetic surgeries. For more mature patients, they tend to be uncomfortable with the new nose and over-all facial image, seeking revisions on even the perfectly done nose job surgery. Others who seek surgical improvements just wanted a new better nose shape and hence, they seek yet another nose job. To prevent repetitive surgical procedures, patients are advised and should be counseled prior to the surgery to help them be prepared and achieve a good psychological and emotional level.

Apart from the non-tangible effects of a nose job surgery, there are also physical changes that could prove to be unpleasant for a patient. For one, the most common rhinoplasty effect would be the scarring. While scars for closed surgery are not visible as they are inside the nose, many doctors performing open nose job surgery have rendered good work with much less scarring. Even with visible signs of surgery like what patients get with having their nostrils narrowed, these scars are expected to fade away and will eventually heal.

Some patients also report the feeling and hearing of a whistling sound after their nose job surgery. This will be gone in a few weeks as the scar tissues heal. If such discomfort does not go away, a corrective surgery may be recommended.

Another side effect of having a nose job surgery is the bursting of the blood vessels around the area. Such unsightly event becomes a nuisance to the patient, causing great uneasiness and heightened image consciousness. While the burst vessels usually heal in time, there are patients who suffer the permanent effects and they have to live with the condition for a long time. The only option to heal it is to go through another procedure.

There have been a large number of patients who reported an abnormality in their nose shapes after the nose job surgery. For one, it could be a misstep on the part of the surgeon; or it could be a wrongly placed splint. Sometimes, the patient's sleeping routines or daily undertakings tend to “push” the nose to one side, thus, an abnormal appearance comes a few weeks or months after the nose job surgery.

Other minor complications arising from a rhinoplasty include weeks of having a runny nose caused by excess mucus production while on the post-surgery recovery period. As for the loss of smell and nose bleeding, these are natural reactions of the organ to the procedure. In case of infections among nose job surgery patients, they are treated with antibiotics and the infection will be gone in a few days.

While serious complications may arise from a nose job surgery, it is important to find an expert surgeon to conduct the procedure and learn more about how to eliminate risks and complications.

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