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Reshaping Nose without Surgery

Nose surgery or rhinoplasty is the most common form of plastic surgery available on the market today.  Many people opt to have their noses permanently reshaped to make them suit their face more, be it by making it larger or smaller or narrower or wider.  It is also possible to alter the shape of the tip of the nose or the nostrils.  Many people, however, are uncomfortable with the idea of going under the knife, for a variety of reasons including:
  • A worry about going under the knife
  • A worry about the pain and recovery time
  • Financial issues
Luckily, there are several ways for reshaping nose without surgery.

Reshaping Nose without Surgery using Makeup

It is possible to reshape the appearance of a nose by using makeup.  It is important to use good quality foundation in order to achieve optimal results.  Firstly, you will need two shades of foundation, one being a shade darker than your natural skin tone, the other being one shade lighter.  Apply the darker shade first on the side of the nose, starting from the eyebrows and going down to the nostrils.  Then, with the lighter shade, draw a line on the bridge of your nose, right the way to the tip.  If you are looking to have a less defined tip, use some of the darker foundation to colour in the tip. 

After this, blend the lines of the foundation and you will have completed reshaping nose without surgery.  The downside to this however is that foundation is very fragile, meaning that if you need to blow your nose, for example, you will have to redo your makeup.

Reshaping Nose without Surgery using Nose Right

Nose Right is a recently developed device that needs to be worn for around half an hour each day on the nose.  The theory behind nose right is that the bone and cartilage of the nose is very soft and hence easily shaped into a different form.  By wearing Nose Right regularly, you will in essence force your nose into a new shape and position.  The down side to this solution is that it is relatively new and hence has not been tested over long periods of time.  Furthermore, it can be quite painful and uncomfortable to wear the Nose Right device.

Reshaping Nose without Surgery and the 15 Minute Nose Job

sThe 15 minute nose job is the preferred method of reshaping nose without surgery.  It is performed by plastic surgeons only at present, although it is believed that it will soon be available more widely, just like Botox is.  With the 15 minute nose job, fillers are used to give your nose a straighter and smoother appearance.  The entire procedure including anaesthetic and recovery takes no longer than an hour and is a great alternative to full surgery.

As you can see, if you are unable to have a nose job, for whatever reason, there are ways of reshaping nose without surgery that are generally reasonably painless and much more cost effective.

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Reshaping Nose without Surgery

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