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Nose Surgery Cost UK

Nose surgery is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery, next to Botox injections.  It is thought that because the nose is so prominent and because it is, essentially, the first thing people notice about a face, that many people are unhappy with the shape of their nose.  Although there is no such thing as a perfect nose, many people still think their nose is imperfect and resort to cosmetic treatments to enhance the appearance of their nose.

What Influences Nose Surgery Cost UK?

There are a few factors that will determine the nose surgery cost UK.  These include:
  • The location of the cosmetic surgery clinic.  Clinics that are in prominent areas, such as Harley Street in London, will generally be a lot more expensive than clinics in other areas of the UK.  You may feel like you are paying for the location, but it is important to remember that these clinics have a reputation to uphold of being the best of the best, and the enhanced price does reflect the quality of not just the surgery itself, but also the level of pre and post operative care.
  • The experience of the surgeon is another issue that influences nose surgery cost UK.  Many surgeons specialise in a specific kind of surgery, or on a specific ethnicity, and receive many years of training in this field.  The most expensive surgeons are those that are not only highly trained, but also deliver training themselves.
  • The extent of surgery that you require will also be of influence.  Generally, the more work you need doing, the more expensive the surgery will be.

What to Look for in Nose Surgery Clinics

Opting for nose surgery means you will be making alterations to your face that will be incredibly noticeable.  It is very important therefore to not cut corners and just go for the cheapest option, as being unhappy with the result can have devastating consequences, particularly since plastic surgery is generally non reversible.  A higher cost when it comes to plastic surgery, generally also means higher quality, although you should not be driven by the nose surgery cost UK alone.  The level of care you receive during consultation, before your surgery and after surgery are also very important.

Examples of Nose Surgery Cost UK

The average nose surgery cost UK is between £3,000 and £4,000.  As this is quite a high amount, many people opt for nose surgery abroad, where the price can be as low as £1,500.  However, this carries considerable risks with it, as it is very hard to check the credentials of the plastic surgeon.  It is also unlikely that you will have an adequate consultation and your post operative care in particular will probably be minimal, as you will be unlikely to want to stay in the foreign country for several weeks, as this would considerably drive up the cost.

As you can see, nose surgery cost UK varies depending on a range of factors.  It is never advisable to only go for the cheapest option as due to your nose being such a visible feature, any mistakes can be truly devastating.

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Nose Surgery Cost UK

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