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No Surgery Nose Job

Although nose surgery is the most popular form of plastic surgery on the market, many people are not comfortable with actually going under the knife and are looking at ways to have a no surgery nose job.  It is now possible to achieve these types of results with some great benefits:
  • No need for surgery
  • Lower costs
  • No lengthy recovery period

What is a No Surgery Nose Job?

A no surgery nose job is achieved by using dermal fillers, previously applied on wrinkles and facial lines.  However, as these products have been further developed, some can now be used to reshape facial features, including the nose.  Of course, dermal fillers will never be able to fully replace cosmetic surgery, but they can give tremendous results.  The results, however, are temporary, which can be a drawback as it means the procedure may have to be repeated if you want a more permanent effect.  However, the upside is that your face will change as you age, and your nose will change with it, meaning that any procedure will always look current.

Reducing the Bump, Lifting the Tip and Straightening Your Nose

Dermal fillers can be used to achieve all of the above.  Experienced plastic surgeons are able to make subtle and dramatic changes to your nose by injecting the fillers in the right places.  The benefits to this type of no surgery no job are tremendous, particularly because you will experience little to no pain.  Furthermore, the procedure is so quick that it is most commonly referred to as lunch time surgery or a 15 minute nose job.  Although the entire procedure will take slightly longer than an hour, it would be possible to have it completed on an extended lunch break. 

Generally, some local anaesthetic will be applied to the area around half an hour before the actual procedure, which takes the most amount of time.  Following this, your nose will be injected with fillers in precisely determined places and in precisely determined amounts.  The results are instant and there is little to no risk of swelling or bruising following this procedure, meaning you can go home or back to work immediately afterwards.  Furthermore, the cost of a no surgery nose job is only around one tenth of the price of a full rhinoplasty, making it very affordable.

Where to Go for a No Surgery Nose Job

There are many clinics in the UK that offer no surgery nose job procedures, including:
  • Castlefield Clinic
  • MYA
  • Knightsbridge Laser Clinic
  • Cosmetic Laser Skin Surgery
  • London Bridge Plastic Surgery
As you can see, if you are uncomfortable with having full rhinoplasty, whether this is because you fear surgical procedures or whether you are not sure yet about what you would like your nose to look like, a no surgery nose job may be the solution for you.  It is very safe and affordable and requires very little pre and post operative care, making it a great option for many people who are unhappy with the current shape of their nose.

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No Surgery Nose Job

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