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Types of nose surgery

Knowing The Types Of Nose Surgery Before Getting One

Before you jump into a decision of going to a plastic surgeon to have your nose done, you should first give it a serious thought whether it is necessary or not. Consider if your insurance will actually cover it as well. And before you discuss it with your insurance provider, you must first have an idea of the various types of nose surgery.

Knowing The Difference

Yes, there are really different types of nose surgery, and it would be best if you know them before deciding to have one. First, make sure you know the difference between septoplasty and rhinoplasty. This is because sometimes, people think that one procedure is already enough to have a perfect nose job; however, plastic surgeons say there are various types of nose surgery that can be used for each patient but sometimes combining them for some may prove more beneficial actually.

Insurance Coverage For The Two Most Common Types OF Nose Surgery

About the coverage of insurance, it will always depend on the types of nose surgery patients will undergo. So if you are the type of person who are not contented with the features of your face, and you only want to alter a feature or two in your face, then you are off to doing rhinoplasty, a type of nose surgery involving a cosmetic procedure covered by insurance companies for as long as required medically. However, if it is not really medically needed to undergo a nose surgery, then you would have to pay the necessary bills. Rhinoplasty is a type of nose surgery very popular in straightening out crooked noses, lengthening or shortening them, and many other nose procedures.

Septoplasty And Rhinoplasty: Most Common Types of Nose Surgery

On the other hand, Septoplasty, one of the two types of nose surgery most common nowadays, is usually required by medical doctors and therefore are sure to be covered by your insurance provider. Used when correcting deviated septums known to cause nasal congestion, frequent headaches as well as chronic snoring. It is a procedure which might not always give the patient the perfect nose but merely alter the look of your nose; thereby making it not too obvious.

However, you must take note that Septoplasty is not only meant to be used for a deviated septum. It is also more commonly conducted for patients who merely want some of their features fixed by this procedure. As a matter of fact, most patients who have undergone this procedure report that their breathing has improved a lot after undergoing the Septoplasty. And doctors say rhinoplasty can then come afterwards should it be needed to repair the damaged septum. Otherwise, the plastic surgeons will advise against it. This is even more the reason why it's important that patients discuss with the plastic surgeons if they will need both types of nose surgery or just one procedure will make do already.

This is why whichever types of nose surgery you decide to proceed with, research about the procedures as well as the plastic surgeons who will be performing the said nose procedures. There are lots of plastic surgeons who can do both types of nose surgery; but there are also some who have undergone a specialization as well. But the most crucial thing is, you should find a plastic surgeon who has solid years of experience doing such nose jobs, medically licensed, of course; and keeps a track record of satisfying the patients.

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