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Make Nose Smaller without Surgery

If you have a large nose, you may spend a lot of time worrying about its size and the way that it is perceived by others.  You may be considering plastic surgery – or rhinoplasty – on your nose; however, this can be quite an invasive and painful procedure, not to mention costly.  Luckily, it is now possible to make nose smaller without surgery.  There are two main ways of achieving this:
  • Make up
  • Nose Right

Make Nose Smaller without Surgery with Make Up

In order to make your nose look smaller by using makeup, you will first need two shades of cream foundation, one being a shade lighter than your natural skin tone, and one being a shade darker.  The procedure for using make up is quite easy:
  • The contour of your wide nose will first need to drawn with the darker foundation.  You need to make sure not to make the lines too thick and they have to be straight at the sides.  The lines on either side of the nose start from the eyebrows and go down to the tip of the nose.
  • Using the lighter foundation colour, draw a straight line in the middle of the nose. 
  • If your nose is also very long, the nose tip should be darkened.
  • Once you have applied the foundation, carefully blend the edges together and you will find your nose looks smaller.
Of course, make up can easily wash off and some accidental brushes to your face can smudge the makeup or remove it all together.  Many people seek a more permanent way to make nose smaller without surgery, and Nose Right can be the right tool for them.

Make Nose Smaller without Surgery with Nose Right

Nose Right is a tool that has been developed by plastic surgeons as a solution for those who are unable to have rhinoplasty and want to make nose smaller without surgery.  The principle behind this tool has been taken from ethnic tribes, where many women use tools to reshape a variety of body parts.  The lip plates in Africa and the Thai neck rings are but a few of the examples that can be found in ancient tribes.

The Principle behind Nose Right

Nose Right works by applying pressure to the soft tissues of the nose.  75% of a nose is made up of water and the main other part is cartilage.  Cartilage is very mouldable and by regularly applying Nose Right, you can easily reshape the nose without resorting to surgery or make up.  The Nose Right tool needs to be applied to the nose for 15 minutes each day and results are visible within just a few weeks of using it.  Furthermore, Nose Right is available in the UK for around £10, which is but a fraction of the cost of rhinoplasty.

As you can see, it is possible to make nose smaller without surgery, either by using makeup or by using a device such as Nose Right, which is available at a very low price and has much more permanent effects than make-up.

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Make Nose Smaller without Surgery

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