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How to Shape Nose without Surgery

When thinking of shaping a nose, most people would immediately turn to one of the most popular cosmetic procedures: rhinoplasty or nose surgery.  However, a new innovative procedure now also exists, known as the 10 minute nose job, which involves evening out a nose by injecting it with a variety of fillers.  Some of the benefits of this procedure include:
  • It is very safe
  • It is non invasive
  • It is affordable
  • It is quick
  • Results are instant
  • There is no prolonged healing period

How to Shape Nose without Surgery Procedure

The procedure of non surgical rhinoplasty involves having some anaesthetic cream applied to the nose around half an hour before the procedure.  During the procedure itself, a filler is injected in precise amounts in set spots of the nose to even it out.  The patient is fully awake during this procedure and will often hold a mirror so they can see the results as they happen.

The procedure will last for around six months, which for some people is a downside as it means it needs to be repeated regularly, but others see this as a benefit as it allows their nose to change with their face, as their face ages.

Who Can Have Their Nose Shaped without Surgery?

Non surgical rhinoplasty is not appropriate for people who want to significantly alter the appearance of their nose; however, it can be very useful for minor shaping, such as:
  • Noses that are somewhat crooked
  • A nose that is quite small and could be slightly built up
  • A hook shaped nose, which can be straightened
  • A small bump on the nose
  • A slightly drooping nasal tip
  • A nose that has had rhinoplasty and requires further refinement, for example due to the rest of the face aging
  • Increasing the height of a nose or increasing the appearance of the nose tip

Recovery Time and Costs of Shaping a Nose without Surgery

The recovery time of non surgical rhinoplasty is very short, which is one of the main benefits of this type of procedure.  The 10 minute nose job is also commonly referred to as lunch time plastic surgery, as patients could in essence return to work straight after their procedure.  There is no swelling or pain involved with the procedure, although patients are advised not to wear sunglasses following their surgery to ensure no indentation is made in the filler.

The cost of non surgical nose shaping is around a tenth of the price of rhinoplasty and prices start from around £450 at major London clinics, making it very affordable.

As you can see, if you are wondering how to shape a nose without surgery, the answer now exists in the form of the 10 minute nose job.  The benefits of this type of surgery are tremendous.  Furthermore, this simple, affordable and safe procedure means that a beautiful nose is now in everyone’s reach and no longer reserved to those with money or the ability to get finance on cosmetic procedures. 

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How to Shape Nose without Surgery

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