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Nose Straightening Surgery

Nose jobs – medically called rhinoplasty – are the second most common form of plastic surgery available today, surpassed only by Botox.  There are two main reasons why people opt for this form of surgery:
  • To repair the nose following accidental scarring or birth defects
  • To improve the look of the nose for cosmetic reasons
Although many people still see a nose job as nothing but an expression of vanity, it is important to remember that having a crooked or misshapen nose can seriously damage a person’s confidence and self esteem, particularly because the nose is a prominent and central feature on the face.

Nose Straightening Surgery

Nose straightening surgery can be done when the nose appears crooked, both when seen from the front or in profile, as well as when the nose actually is very crooked, for example after it has been broken.  However, nose surgery can also be performed to change a number of other features of the nose, including making it larger, wider, narrower or smaller, or removing humps and bumps and filling depressions.

Risks Associated with Nose Straightening Surgery

There are several risks associated with nose straightening surgery.  As with any medical procedure, a number of things can go wrong, including an adverse reaction to the anaesthetic used during the procedure.  One of the most common things to go wrong during nose straightening surgery, however, is that people are tremendously unhappy with their new nose, even if they have undertaken significant research before opting for the procedure.

The most well known example of this is Jennifer Gray, who starred in Dirty Dancing.  It is said that after she had nose straightening surgery, even some of her closest friends were unable to recognise her.  Although many people would like to have their nose straightened when they are young, in reality most are well into their twenties before they actually do so.  By then, they will have had the same nose for many years and will have become used to their appearance – even if they are not entirely happy with it.  A person such as Owen Wilson, for example, is endearing because of his crooked nose.  Straightening his nose would result in a completely different face, which is one of the reasons why he has chosen not to opt for surgery.

Being unhappy with the results of plastic surgery can be devastating, as it is not easy – if not impossible – to reverse the procedure.

How to Choose a Good Plastic Surgeon for Nose Straightening Surgery

One way to ensure you make the right decision when it comes to nose straightening surgery is to find a very good plastic surgeon, who will be able to show you very real computer generated photographs of the before and after looks.  Take these home with you and show them to your family and friends before you make a final decision on whether or not you will be going ahead with nose straightening surgery.

Nose straightening surgery is one of the most face altering procedures you can undertake, which is why it is so important to think very long and hard before coming to a final decision on whether or not it is for you.

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Nose Straightening Surgery

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