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Nose Surgery

All You Need To Know About Nose Surgery

Many patients who have undergone nose surgery that are dissatisfied with the results ends up seeking alterations or additional procedures. This is true as many fail to understand that nose surgery is a combination of aesthetic and physiological aspects. Many perceive that after the operation, they'd automatically get the kind of result they hoped for, without considering the very structure of their nose, along with its limitations.

First of all, if you're contemplating in getting a nose surgery, ask yourself why you need it. If it's for medical and health reasons then it is immediately understandable. But if it's to simply feel good about yourself and look better or find self-esteem, then there are deeply rooted emotional and psychological reasons for getting a nose surgery. It is best to discuss this with your cosmetic surgeon so that you're not going to be among the hundreds who end up displeased and even more insecure with the results of their nose surgery procedure.

Next, always get the best surgeon in the field who will take charge of the surgical operation. Do your research on the nose surgery specialist who has the experience, right credentials and loyal following. Though many doctors may offer a very low priced rhinoplasty or nose jobs, it doesn't mean that they carry the qualifications you need for excellent results.

There are various types of nose surgery, each with different procedures, healing and curing patterns, and corresponding rates and specialists.

The most common method of a nose surgery is the open technique where incisions are made inside the nose. The whole process takes place where in an incision is made to separate the nostrils so that the skin can give way to the internal structures for reshaping or restructuring. While the surgeon will then have the easiest access to operate on the nose, the downside of this particular nose surgery method is that it leaves a permanent scar.

The other technique is the close surgery method which means incisions are made within the nose by having the cartilage removed and then shaped according to the desired form. Apart from a faster nose surgery, the close technique does not leave any visible scars. More and more people are opting for this technique because of the shorter healing periods and lesser time under the knife; more importantly they do prefer the close nose surgery method because no scars are left to cause undue attention to this area of the face.

Upon the recommendation of a cosmetic surgeon, nasal implants can also be placed during a nose surgery. The materials of these implants are usually made of silicone or gortex, wherein they are implanted to alter the shape and size of the nose. Apart from this, there are also other rhinoplastic procedures that can be done, like modification, narrowing of nasal bones and correcting deviated septums among others.

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