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Nose Surgery Procedure

With so many people opting to have cosmetic nose surgery, you may be wondering what actually happens during the surgery itself.  It is important, if you are looking into have a nose surgery procedure done, to know exactly what to expect, as this will also help you in finding a good clinic to perform the surgery.  After all, the nose is one of the most visible features on the face, and if surgery were to go wrong, this could have devastating consequences.

Initial Consultation

Any nose surgery procedure should start with a good consultation to start with.  During this consultation, a number of things should take place, such as:
  • A review of your medical history to ensure you are physically fit enough to undergo surgery.
  • A discussion about what your requirements are and why you are looking to have nose surgery.
  • The ability to view computer generated before and after pictures, to demonstrate what your nose would look like if you decide to go for the procedure.
  • A frank discussion with the surgeon who should advise you as to whether or not a new nose would suit your face, and give you alternatives if not.
  • A discussion around the pre and post operative care and prices of the surgery.

Pre Operative Care

Once your date has been set for the surgery and you arrive at the clinic, you should first be made entirely comfortable, usually in a private room.  Your consultant surgeon should then come to speak to you about what will be happening and what sort of anaesthetic will be used – general or local.  Once you are completely comfortable and satisfied that you are making the right decision, you will be taken to theatre for the nose surgery procedure itself to take place.

The Nose Surgery Procedure

During the operation, a surgeon will always attempt to make incisions on the inside of the nose, to minimise the chance of scarring at a later stage.  Your nose will then be moulded and changed into its new shape and it is possible that your nose will be broken to achieve these results.  You may also have an implant placed in the tip of your nose, which is generally grafted from another area on your body to lower the chances of the implant rejecting.

Post Operative Care

Post operative care is a very important part of any nose surgery procedure.  You should be provided with information on what to expect.  It is highly likely that you will experience significant swelling and bruising following the procedure and you may be prescribed some medication to reduce these effects.  Around one week after surgery, you will attend the clinic to have your bandages removed and you are likely to have at least one other follow up consultation at a later stage.

As you can see, the nose surgery procedure should involve excellent care, openness, transparency and honesty from start to finish, whereby you are made to feel completely comfortable and in control of what is going to happen to your nose.

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Nose Surgery Procedure

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