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Nose Bridge Surgery

Nose surgery is one of the most common forms of plastic surgery.  It is also known as rhinoplasty – the medical term – or a nose job.  With images of perfectly shaped famous people on the cover of every magazine, more and more people strive for such excellence themselves and become unhappy with the features they were born with.  Although there is no such thing as perfection, or the perfect nose, it is very common for people to request nose bridge surgery, to reshape the bridge of their nose.

How is Nose Bridge Surgery Performed?

Nose bridge surgery is a procedure in which the bridge of the nose (the bone) is altered.  This procedure involves:
  • Making an incision between the nostrils
  • Lifting the skin of the nose
  • Reshaping the nose bridge, by breaking it or shaving off pieces of the bone.

What is the Pre Operative Care for Nose Bridge Surgery?

Before agreeing to undergo nose bridge surgery, it is important that you do a considerable amount of research.  Any type of surgery carries considerable risks with it and should be well thought over.  Pre operative care is an essential element to recognising whether or not you are dealing with a quality plastic surgeon.

You will initially be invited for a consultation to discuss what your requirements are.  A good plastic surgeon will listen to your needs and will advise you as to whether or not these changes to your nose bridge would actually enhance your facial features, and provide you with alternative nose bridge surgery if not.  If you agree to undergo the surgery, you should be able to visit the clinic that you will be attending, which should be comfortable and clean.  Some of the better clinics are comparable to five star hotels and will include private, comfortable rooms.

What is the Post Operative Care for Nose Bridge Surgery?

Nose bridge surgery is generally done on an outpatient basis, meaning there will be no need for you to stay in the clinic overnight, unless there are some concerns about your recovery following anaesthetics.  Post operative care, however, is incredibly important.  You will probably experience quite severe bruising and swelling following the operation and many plastic surgeons will provide you with medication as part of your post operative care package to help reduce these side effects.  You should also have repeat consultations following your surgery to have your bandages removed and for the plastic surgeon to be able to check whether the healing process is well underway and no complications are occurring.  This is the main reason why opting for nose bridge surgery abroad is generally not recommended, as you are unlikely to be able to receive post operative care, unless you are able to stay in the country for several weeks.

Nose bridge surgery will allow you to have your nose reshaped to something that is more to your liking.  It is generally used in noses that have humps and bumps, or where the nose is crooked because the bridge of the nose has been broken in the past.

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Nose Bridge Surgery

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