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Laser nose Surgery

What is Laser Nose Surgery?

Advancements in medical science have brought about higher self esteem to many people. For individuals who want to look better and feel good about their image, they often resort to surgical procedures or treatments. One of these is the laser nose surgery, also called endoscopic laser-assisted nose surgery. While laser procedures cost a lot when it was first introduced a decade ago, the present costs have since been greatly reduced. Today, laser nose surgery is a very affordable option for regular folks.

As lasers are effective in eliminating unwanted and unsightly skin marks such as wrinkles, scars and moles, it has also been a popular option for cosmetic changes for many, particularly for those who opt for laser nose surgery.

In laser nose surgery, the ability of the laser to produce light beams that affects skin surfaces works wonders in this kind of treatment. In the procedure, cosmetic surgeons control the laser beams to remove the topmost skin layers and expose the delicate underlying layer. This would be the first step of the laser nose surgery, and the beam is lowered to provide just enough heat to the uncovered layer. Such process stimulates collagen fiber production which paves the way for a new, younger skin which of course shows no wrinkles or signs of aging.

With laser nose surgery, resurfacing occurs usually with the help of local anesthesia. Some surgeons also resort to sedatives when conducting the process. If the laser nose surgery is done along with other procedures, the doctor usually use general anesthetic as well. Such surgeries could take a few minutes to an hour or two, varying on the area being treated.

Before a laser nose surgery is done, the cosmetics professional would conduct endoscopic techniques to have an idea of the nose structure to be treated. The insides of the nose is inspected and monitored with an endoscopic instrument, giving them a good visual of the sinuses areas, as well as other parts of the inner nose. Apart from being useful for laser nose surgery, the endoscope is also used for sinus laser treatments as well because they give the surgeons a clear view of the infections or any foreign elements causing harm to the nose and sinus.

Though the picture on your mind may sound alarming, the instruments used for laser nose surgery and similar procedures are actually painless, and does not render any unpleasant sensation to the nose, sinus or nearby tissues. Indeed, lasers have made surgery less traumatic, apart from shortening the treatment period.

Like sinus laser treatment, laser nose surgery can be done in such a short time, and the after-surgery healing is doubly fast than open incisions. Instead of weeks or months of waiting for complete cure, the pleasant and desired effects of laser surgery on the nose and other body parts can be achieved in a few days or less than two weeks. Also, there are hardly follow-up visits to the doctor, unlike with the incisions where routine check-ups come very frequently for medical and safety reasons. With laser nose surgery, the patient will simply have to see the doctor after ten or fifteen days, after which, life resumes to normal.

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