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African American Nose Surgery

Nose surgery – or rhinoplasty – is one of the most commonly undertaken forms of cosmetic surgery.  Many people are unhappy with their noses and this is often a psychological issue, because the nose is the most prominent feature of the face.  Generally, rhinoplasty is offered to reshape a nose, but it is important for surgeons to remember that the nose does need to continue to compliment the ethnicity of the face.  An example of African American nose surgery gone wrong is, of course, the late Michael Jackson.

The Differences between African Noses and Caucasian Noses

There are some notable differences between a true African nose and a European or Roman nose, mainly:
  • African noses are wider
  • African noses have a less defined tip, giving the nose an overall flatter appearance
  • An African nose generally has thicker skin

The Different Types of African American Nose Surgery

Most people with an African American nose request nose surgery to narrow the appearance of their nose, which is a reasonably straight forward procedure.  This result is achieved by fracturing the nose and then resetting it.  Implants in the tip of the nose are also frequently requested and these can be made of silicone, but many surgeons prefer to use tissue that is grafted from the patient’s body itself, usually the ear or inner nose, as this has less chance of being rejected. 

African American nose surgery is also used for those noses that have a pronounced bump or hump, caused for example by earlier fractures.  These can also be removed by rhinoplasty.  This type of surgery can be achieved by filing the hump, rather than fully having to break the nose itself.

Specialised Surgeons

Because the African American nose is different from the Caucasian nose, it is very important to only seek the services of a plastic surgeon that has experience in this field.  As stated earlier, the new nose does need to match the overall ethnicity of the patient, or it will look out of place.  The nose itself may be classed as beautiful, but it could severely impact the appearance of the patient if it doesn’t fit in with their other aesthetics.  A good surgeon will always listen to his or her patient’s wishes, but will then advise them on whether or not these procedures will suit their face, and offer alternatives if not. 

It has happened on regular occasions that plastic surgeons have performed the surgery requested by a patient, knowing full well that the new nose would not suit the patient’s overall appearance, leading to patients feeling depressed and insecure following the surgery, sometimes even leading to depression.  There have been many occasions of patients returning to a plastic surgeon to request their nose be rebuilt to their original shape, which is often not possible.

Patients are encouraged to remember that there is no such thing as a perfect nose, and they should not strive to achieve a media imposed body.  Furthermore, should they opt for African American nose surgery, they should only do so with a surgeon that is well trained and experienced in surgery on people of their ethnicity and who is honest about what does and does not suit a face.

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African American Nose Surgery

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