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Nose Septum Surgery

The septum is the part of the nose in between the two nasal passages.  It is made up of cartilage and bone.  Sometimes the septum becomes crooked; this can either be due to the birthing process or for external reasons such as an injury that happens later in life.  No matter what the reason is for a deviated septum, nose septum surgery can be performed to rectify the problem.  Nose septum surgery can be performed for both aesthetic and medical reasons.

The Nose Septum Surgery Procedure

The nose septum surgery procedure usually takes between 30 and 45 minutes.  Generally it will be performed under a local anaesthetic but a general anaesthetic will be prescribed in some cases.  The operation usually consists of the surgeon cutting inside the nose and removing sections of bone and cartilage.  This ultimately straightens the septum and allows it to be moved back into the centre of the nose.  It is then kept in place with stitches. 

Who Has Had Nose Septum Surgery?

As you can see, unlike most other nose surgeries, nose septum surgery is not usually performed purely for cosmetic reasons.  Deviated symptoms cause both breathing problems and chronic congestion and this is usually the main reason for the surgery to take place.  There are a number of Hollywood stars who have undergone nose septum surgery.  Some of the most well known include:
  • Cameron Diaz
  • Jennifer Anniston
  • Jennifer Grey
  • Ashley Tisdale
  • Ashlee Simpson

The Jennifer Grey Syndrome

Jennifer Grey who starred in movies including Red Dawn and Dirty Dancing is probably the first person to have her career negatively impacted by nose septum surgery.  She was endearing to many people because of the bump on her nose, which she chose to have removed through nose septum surgery following Dirty Dancing.  It is said that following this surgery, her appearance changed to such an extent that even some of her closest friends were unable to recognise her.  Jennifer Grey has even stated that having nose surgery was the worst mistake ever.  Whenever celebrities now have plastic surgery done and come out looking completely different, this is referred to as the Jennifer Grey Syndrome.

Should You Have Nose Septum Surgery?

Whether or not you should have nose septum surgery depends on your needs and requirements.  Of course, there are horror stories like Jennifer Grey and Michael Jackson, but there are also many success stories.  To be fair, the mistakes made with these very public figures were as much the fault of the plastic surgeon who should have been honest and told them that it would not be an improvement on their overall features, than the fault of the individuals themselves.  A good plastic surgeon should be honest with you and not only interested in making money.

So, if you are considering undergoing nose septum surgery for purely cosmetic reasons, it is important to have a really good consultation with a trustworthy and trained plastic surgeon first, who should also be able to show you computer generated photographs of what you would look like with a new nose, before you make a final decision.  If your surgery is for medical reasons your doctor will explain the reasons for it and help you through the process.

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Nose Septum Surgery

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