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Asian Nose Surgery

Nose surgery is one of the most commonly performed types of cosmetic surgery.  It is also known as a rhinoplasty.  The nose is one of the most prominent features on a face, so many people look at ways to improve the appearance of their nose, aiming to have a “perfect” nose.  Although there certainly is no such thing as a perfect nose, there is such a thing as the wrong nose, particularly if a nose is shaped in such a way that it no longer fits with the patient’s ethnicity.

The Asian Nose

Many people still see the Barbie doll as what perfection in a face and body looks like.  With regards to the nose, the Asian nose certainly is not like Barbie’s and this would look out of place on an Asian face.  Characteristics of an Asian nose generally include:
  • A flat nasal bridge
  • Broad nostrils
This is almost the opposite of a Barbie nose.

Asian Nose Surgeons

Asian nose surgery should only be performed by a surgeon who can demonstrate that they have qualifications and experience specific to Asian ethnicity.  A good surgeon should always listen to their patient’s desires, but should be honest if that surgery would not enhance their facial features, but rather make them look unnatural. 

Consequences of Asian Nose Surgery Gone Wrong

It is not rare to hear about plastic surgeons that care more about the money they make than about what will and will not look good on their patients.  Some will even perform surgery that will by no means enhance the features of their patients.  Many patients who have had Asian nose surgery in an effort to transform their noses into a more Caucasian nose have come back very disappointed and are unable to adjust to their new nose.  This can lead to depression and a decline of self confidence.  When we consider that from a psychological perspective, those who undergo plastic surgery purely for cosmetic reasons already have low self esteem – otherwise they would be perfectly happy with their features – this can have devastating consequences.

So, if you are looking for Asian nose surgery, it is important to shop around for a good plastic surgeon.  Do not be afraid to go for multiple consultations – which should be free – with different surgeons in order to ascertain whether the advice you are given is similar for each surgeon.  If multiple surgeons do tell you that your ideas will not enhance your features, you may want to seriously rethink your decision.  Surgeons should also be able to talk to you about alternatives that may be better suited to your ethnicity and which Asian nose surgery would actually enhance your features.  Most plastic surgeons will use photographic software to show you the effects of the different types of nose jobs you could have, and you could, for example, request some print outs to discuss with your family and friends what would look best on you.  Any type of cosmetic surgery is quite a major procedure and is not easily reversible, so you should always think carefully before going ahead.

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Asian Nose Surgery

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