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Nose Correction Surgery

Nose correction surgery is generally referred to as rhinoplasty.  It is not possible to have this type of surgery before the age of 15, due to the nose still developing, and boys are advised to wait even longer.  If you are considering nose correction surgery as a teenager for cosmetic reasons, a good plastic surgeon will undertake a variety of steps to determine what your motives are, to ensure that your decisions are your own and not caused by peer pressure.

Up to What Age Can You Have Nose Correction Surgery?

There is no upper age limit for nose correction surgery.  However, as the surgery is generally performed under general anaesthetic, you will be required to be in good overall health.  Very often, people will opt to undertake further plastic surgery whilst they are under anaesthetic, such as a facelift or eyelift.  Nose correction surgery can also be used to treat breathing problems and chronic nasal congestion.  All these elements can be performed regardless of age, so long as your overall health means that you will be able to be anaesthetised and that you will be able to cope with the significant pain and swelling following surgery.

Nose Correction Surgery Consultation

During the consultation with your plastic surgeon, you will most likely be given a mirror to point out where you would like to see improvements.  This will help the surgeon to understand what you are looking for and help them determine whether your desired nose will fit in with the overall appearance of your face.

There are several reasons why people consider nose correction surgery, including:
  • A nose that is or appears too large for a face
  • A bump that is particularly visible when viewing a face in profile
  • A nose that appears to wide when viewing a face full frontal
  • A drooping or plunging nasal tip
  • A thickened or enlarged nasal tip
  • Excessively flared nostrils
  • An off centre or severely crooked nose
  • An asymmetrical nose due to past injuries and breakages
When you go to a consultation for nose correction surgery, it is important to already have an idea of what you believe your ideal nose will look like, but to also be aware that plastic surgery is not a magic wand and that certain things simply cannot be achieved.

After Nose Correction Surgery

After nose correction surgery, you are likely to suffer from quite severe swelling and bruising, particularly as it is likely that your nose will have been broken during the procedure.  You may be prescribed some medications by your surgeon to counteract these effects, but they are very normal after effects and you should not worry too much about this.

As you can see, nose correction surgery is applicable to those people who have a nose bridge that is shaped in a way that they are not happy with.  So long as your intentions are good – hence not influenced by peer pressure – and you understand the limitations of nose correction surgery, you are likely to be very happy with the result.

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Nose Correction Surgery

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