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Nose reshaping

Want A Better Nose? Have a Nose Reshaping Surgery!

You think your nose is too plump? Does it bother you that your face is small and your nose is too large? Or do you cower when someone looks straight at you, thinking it's your nose that's getting their attention? Let a nose reshaping surgery eliminate all these!

A better shaped, aptly sized and good-looking nose can be yours. It's simple really. Just have a nose reshaping job from the best surgeon in your area. In just a few weeks, you'll have the increased confidence and esteem to meet other people, and get rid of being self conscious all the time. Nose reshaping surgeries can truly transform you and how you look at yourself as a person. The point is, make sure you get the expert surgeon to perform the task. This will guarantee that you will achieve your goal in having an improved image.

But what is nose reshaping? It is probably the most popular cosmetic surgery today. This fact alone should console you that you're not alone in suffering the stigma of having an unpleasant nose shape or size. With nose reshaping, surgeries may vary from altering the natural shape, correcting bumps and existing crooked nose structures from accidents. It could also mean seeking medical improvements from difficulty in breathing and other diseases within the organ.

The most common problems which can be corrected with nose reshaping are bumps on the nose, unsightly length or shape, nostrils size or a bulbous nose tips.

There are two main surgical methods employed by cosmetic experts in nose reshaping surgery or rhinoplasty. One is the open technique which involves external incisions; while the other is closed technique, a procedure wherein the cuts are inside the nose. With the open incisions, scars are going to be visible for a few weeks after the nose reshaping surgery is done, while with the closed procedure, the scars are hardly noticeable.

The bones and cartilages in your nose structure could be factors in what kind of technique is to be performed by the surgeon in the nose reshaping procedure. It is not wise to aspire for a certain shape or size without first understanding the limitations or potential of your very own nose. That is why you should first find a reputable cosmetic surgeon and ask for their expert advice on what can be done to improve your look.

Most rhinoplasty procedure would require patients to be under general anesthetic and a night's stay at the hospital or clinic. After the nose reshaping surgery, a splint dressing is usually placed to cover the nose. This helps in reducing the swelling and fighting off infections and assisting the skin to stick back to the bones, tissues and cartilages for faster healing. The splint dressing is usually worn up to ten days after the nose reshaping procedure has been done.

For some specific surgeries, the dressing can only be taken off after a much longer period. As for the swelling and bruises, it could last up to six weeks or more. So be wary of any social event in your calendar and make sure they don't fall on the period of healing of a nose reshaping surgery.

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